Six days in the Daintree

by Jeremy Hegge

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the daintree is one of australia's few extensive area's of tropical rainforest, a habitat exceedingly rare on this vastly arid continent, yet one that contains a surprising majority of it's biodiversity. along with it's vast array of animal life, the daintree is also home is many ancient plants which grew alongside the dinosaurs and have remained unchanged since those wild times.
it is one of the few places on earth where lowland rainforest reaches down to the sea, coral reefs growing not far from the shore line. a breathtaking place..

when i arrived the rainforest had not seen much rain for months, only experiencing the oppressive heat of the tropics during a prolonged build up to the wet season. occasional showers during my stay helped bring some life back into the drying, quietening forest. only a week after i left, the wet season begun..
i explored by foot, always listening.
captured in december, 2016.

this trip was self-funded, i'm going through some financial difficulty at the moment so any support you can offer would be deeply appreciated! the download comes with several photo's of the forest and it's fauna taken by myself.

side note. much of the rainforest that used to cover the wet tropics of australia has been cleared over the past few centuries since european colonisation, especially most of the precious lowland forests.
the people that used to live in these forests, the kuku yalanji, have settled into permanent communities or have been spread out across the continent. not so long ago, many were slaughtered by white hands.
the rainforest has also been invaded by cane toads, pigs, cats and people largely ignorant to the ways of the forest.
while the daintree is not quite what it used to be, what remains is still an incredibly rich and unique forest, with thousands of intricate and immensely complex ecological relationships and surely one of the most beautiful places in the world.


released January 11, 2017



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