1. Marrdja, on Gruenrekorder Digital

  2. (Spring) Night To Morning On The South-Eastern Coast, Royal National Park

  3. (Winter) A Stream In The Wollangambe River

  4. (Winter) An Afternoon In The South-Eastern Coast Of The Royal National Park

  5. (Autumn) Middle Of The Night In The Littoral Rainforests Of The Royal National Park

  6. (Dry Season) Tachalbadga Creek Bed At Night

  7. (Autumn) Three Rockpools In Kamay Botany Bay National Park

  8. (Dry Season) Pre-Dawn To Dawn At The Bottom Of Mount Sorrow

  9. (Summer) Marley Lagoon, Pre-Dawn To Dawn

  10. (Summer) Marley Lagoon At Night

  11. (Autumn) Midday On The Southern Coast Of The Royal National Park

  12. (Dry Season) Dusk To Night On Myall Beach

  13. (Dry Season) Littoral Rainforest Along Cape Tribulation Beach In The Early Morning

  14. (Autumn) Midnight By A Stream Of The Hacking River

  15. (Summer) Inside And Outside Of Pindar Pool

  16. (Summer) Cicadas In The Afternoon On A Hill In Brisbane Water National Park

  17. (Summer) The Warm Temperate Rainforest Of The Royal National Park On The 8th Of December, 2013

  18. (Summer) A Stream And A Creek Of The Hacking River

  19. (Spring) Along The Coast Of The Royal National Park, On The 24th Of November, 2013

  20. (Spring) Aquatic Insects In The Hacking River

  21. (Spring) Heath On The Edge Of A Cliff In The Royal National Park

  22. (Spring) In A Rock Crevice On The Coast Of The Royal National Park

  23. (Spring) Jibbon Head On The 3rd Of November, 2013

  24. (Spring) Along The Wallumarra Track On The 22nd Of September, 2013

  25. (Winter) Along The Uloola Track On The 30th of August, 2013

  26. (Autumn) The Valley Floor At Night


Jeremy Hegge Sydney, Australia

Gruenrekorder Digital: goo.gl/QY3nxc
Very Quiet Records:

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